Senior Band finishing up the 2017 Fall Concert.
Senior Band finishing up the 2017 Fall Concert.

The Senior Concert Band has been a fixture in the Sacramento area since 1957, providing a positive experience for young musicians in the capital city. The band practices and performs a diverse selection of music. The ensemble covers literature from various areas including, but not limited to: standard wind band literature, contemporary, entertainment medleys, marches, and classical arrangements for wind band. 

The group has performed at venues such as Santa Cruz, Disneyland, Six Flag’s Magic Kingdom, San Francisco Union Square, the Reno Rodeo Parade, Grass Valley Constitution Parade, Carmichael 4th of July Parade, and other venues throughout the greater Sacramento area and California.

The Sacramento Youth Band welcomes musicians ages 10-21 at any rehearsal, come sit in at a rehearsal and see what it’s like, yes you can bring your instrument on the very first night! If you’re interested there is an informal audition to place you in an appropriate level chair.  If you would like to join, but are not quite comfortable in a full band setting, or it’s been a while since you played, or even if you want to learn a new instrument; we do have an entry level program (Junior Concert Band) to refresh your memory or teach it anew.

Current Membership: 38 Members

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"Sacramento Youth Senior Band"

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Monday evenings from 7-8:30PM,
John F. Kennedy HS Auditorium,
6715 Gloria Dr, Sacramento, CA 95831


Vincent Salvitti, director
phone: (707)373-9129

Please feel free to contact me for any infomation you may need, and thank you for stopping by!

-Vincent Salvitti,
director, Senior Concert Band

December 2012 at Pier 39 in San Francisco
December 2012 at Pier 39 in San Francisco
The Sacramento Youth Band's Concert Band is open to experienced musicians up to the age of 21. The Concert Band plays a variety of concerts each year in locations such as San Francisco, Reno, Santa Cruz, and even Southern California.
Senior Band marching down Capitol Ave. in Downtown Sacramento for the 2018 Veteran's Day Parade.
Senior Band marching down Capitol Ave. in Downtown Sacramento for the 2018 Veteran's Day Parade.

In the spring and summer of each year the SYB Concert Band practices marching repertoire and marches in a variety of parades. Led by a drum major that usually changes each year, SYB always entertains parade crowds.

2017-2018 Drum Major
2017-2018 Drum Major
Our 2017-2018 Drum Major, Antonio Novoa-Castillo.
Junior  Band at the 2017 Spaghetti Feed
Junior Band at the 2017 Spaghetti Feed

Younger musicians with less than 2 years of experience should consider joining the Junior or Beginning Band in preparation for the Concert Band.  Please visit the Junior Band page for more information.


Listen to some recordings of the SYB Concert Band from our 2012 Spaghetti Feed:

Olympic Spirit
Ride of the Valkyries
Back to the Future
Titan Spirit

Vincent Salvitti, Concert & Marching Band Director

Vincent Salvitti is the principle trombonist at Sacramento State University, pursuing a double degree in Music Performance and Music Education, with a concentration on trombone. During his high school days at John F. Kennedy High School, Vincent performed with county honor bands, as well as the Captial Section Honor Band in 2014, as the principal euphonium. He also participated in the Western/Northwestern Intercollegiate Honor Band in 2016 and 2018. Alongside his schooling, Vincent frequently performs in pit orchestras for local musicals and operas.