SYB's 50th Anniversary Reunion Concert in William Land Park.
SYB's 50th Anniversary Reunion Concert in William Land Park.
We need your help in finding out about you and locating other SYB Alumni.  Our purpose in gathering Alumni information is to reconnect to the people who WERE the Sacramento Youth Band, to form an information network, and to build a base of "Band Supporters" to help SYB continue into and through the next 50 years of presenting music to the public, but mostly to offer a fun and educational musical experience to young musicians in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area.

To register as an SYB Alumni, just click the Add Your Profile box below and complete the attached form. Only the boxes with an asterisk are required, but feel free to add your personal thoughts as well.

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Roy Mena
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Sports Official Married 2 1972-1982 Clarinet Ophir Prison Band High School Sport Official
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Christian Rittmann
Sales Committed Relationship 2 1991-1998 Trumpet, French Horn, Baritone, Percussion
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Vince Vasquez
CIS Consultant / Composer, Arranger, Studio Musician and Instructor -
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Larry N/A (Breckinridge)
Retired Married 1
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Patrick Harris
Married 4 1979 Trombone
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Robert Hale
retired school teacher Married 3 1964-65? alto clarinet Guitar, harmonica, pedal steel guitar, autoharp. Film and television credits with pedal steel and harmonica. Radio and television announcer and producer in 4 states and 2 foreign countries. 10 years elementary school teacher.
I had been studying Bb clarinet with Russ Kline, at the Franklin house, for a while when he invited me to join the youth band. He provided the alto clarinet for me to play, and offered a scholarship for me to join. 
One day we had an outdoor public performance, and in the few minutes before we took our seats, I stood near a group of guys in the band. I was new and didn't say much, but wanted to associate with other older band members. One of them spotted me and started badgering me with questions like "What are you doing here? Do you think you are cool, or something?" Startled by the barage, I just stood there with no answer.
I was tall for my age and this mouthy shorter boy walked up and punched me in the nose, causing a nosebleed that ran all over my white shirt.
Parents quickly stepped in and whisked me off to a public park restroom to rinse my shirt and get me ready to perform. Russ was probably not even aware of all this at the time. I played the concert in a wet white shirt under my maroon tux coat, face still buzzing from the blow of the fist.
Later I learned that the bully's family was a generous donor to the band, but I was dismissed from the group for "fighting." No inquiry, no witnesses, no questions asked. If the bully recieved any dicipline, I never learned of it.
I learned that Russ Kline "followed the money."
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Mark Tilton
college professor Committed Relationship 6
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Profile picture
Profile picture
Computing Architect 1968-1971 clarinet Bachelor and Master in composition and music theory; Film Composing Certificate; Composer-in-Residence Fellow at Univ. or Oregon; Won numerous MTNA composer awards; My work includes orchestral, chamber, ballets and short films. I was a midi engineer for Microsoft's Windows 95. Not enough talent to make serious scratch, so I got degrees in computers and IT. Admitted to American Mensa. Music is fun! Technology is boring~
Lots of fun! Met great friends!  Best time was performing in a bedroom for a kid our age who was dying of cancer.  Had a blast in the Swing'n Senators playing "Hail to the Chief" for Gov. Reagan at his outdoor spiels. Can't get Black Saddle cadence out of my head! Send RON a MessageSend RON a Message
Dennis De Cuir
lawyer Married 2 1958-59 trombone Play the piano and sing with Toccata Symphony Orchestra and Chorus in Incline Village. Toccata is touring Europe in April 2017. Concerts in Salzburg, Vienna, and Prague. There are a few extra seats on the bus. Let me know ASAP if you are interested in joining the tour as a booster. $2350 land plus a $700 contribution to support the artists. Airfare will be quoted soon.
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Alisha Jurick (David)
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Budget Analyst Married 1 1995-2001 clarinet, alto sax College and musical theatre Drum major
I am so grateful for the years of friends, fun and mentors in SYB. Many thanks parent volunteers! Send Alisha a MessageSend Alisha a Message
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